Prosecco Rosè DOC Millesimato 2021 Extra Dry "Rosalia"


Glera grapes coming from “Rosalia” estate, Nervesa della Battaglia (TV) and Pinot Nero grapes coming from “Case Bianche” estate, Volpago del Montello (TV).Alluvial soil rich in clay, with a good texture made of coarse sands and gravel, deposited millions of years ago by the Piave river and its floods.
Glera – manual harvest, destemmed, and pressed with low pressure in a nitrogen-saturated press, cold static decantation of the must be followed by separation of the lees; fermentation of the clear must at controlled temperature for 15-20 days. Maturation of the wine on the fine lees for three months.
Pinot Noir - manual harvest, soft destemming-pressing, temperature-controlled fermentation for 10-12 days, spontaneous malolactic fermentation, maturation in steel.
Once the blend is stabilized, it undergoes the secondary fermentation in autoclaves at controlled temperature and subsequent maturation on the lees for a month, before being filtered and bottled.

Foam: appropriately evanescent, with fine and lingering perlage.

Colour: pink peach blossom hue.

Bouquet: pleasant and elegant notes of both yellow and red fruit, nectarine, pink cherry, and golden apple, with light floral scents.

Taste: fresh with an intriguing savoury undertone; soft and frothy texture accompanies the aroma of ripe peach that lingers with an elegant dry finish.

A very classy aperitif, that can easily be paired with fish cruditée and fried seafood, Parma ham, spaghetti with a simple sauce of fresh grape tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and basil.

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